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Our meaningful jewelry is inspired by life’s journey and designed to connect with you.

Our brand name Carma & Connection® is derived from the Buddhist philosophy ‘do good, and good will come to you’. The word ‘connection’ represents the puzzle piece we have incorporated into all of our jewellery, designed to remind you of the connections you’ve made or seek on your own unique journey.

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About us, jewelry designer - Isla Daw

Founder - Isla

A little about me…

Throughout my life, I have always used jewellery anchors as little reminders. A few years back, when I was going through a tough time a close friend bought me a pair of dove earrings. Little did she know, these symbolised for me the freedom I was working towards. I used to wear them daily and cling on to them whenever I needed a reminder of the bigger picture. A similar thing happened when I was in a bad traffic accident in Ireland. The very next day I bought a four leaf clover charm to remind me of how lucky I was. These experiences naturally became the inspiration behind this collection.

About the collection…

I came up with the original puzzle idea as I was walking home after a challenging day. It struck me that just when you have one piece of the puzzle in place your attention turns to the next. Life is a never ending quest to connect the pieces. Although, the original idea came to me very quickly, everything else grew very organically over time. Over the following two years I worked tirelessly every spare moment pondering, planning and reworking until slowly, piece by piece Carma & Connection® came together.

I hope these pieces provide you with your own personal talisman and act as a daily reminder, helping you to make the connections in your own life’s  journey.

Isla xxx

Giving Back

10% of our net profits are donated to our charity partners. So when you purchase a puzzle, you’ll know you’re connecting and making a difference to the world. Subscribe to our newsletter to join our journey and be kept informed of our charitable projects.

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